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DDM Answers #12 – What are your expectations for Instagram a

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DDM Answers #12 – What are your expectations for Instagram a

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Hello friends from Digitalis do Marketing, welcome to our twelfth DDM Responde. Our 10-minute Q&A program about the Digital Marketing universe.

Here, we answer questions from our Phone Number List community and give tool tips, study materials and share our experience with you.

In this episode we have questions from Jussara Alves, Gustavo Ribeiro, Martha Miranda and Duda Mendonça.



Answered questions:
• What is the expectation for Instagram ads?
• Is giving a discount in exchange for email a good lead magnet?
• How to detect long tail keywords for ads in adwords?
• Any tips on how best to use the carousel ad on Facebook?

Send your questions for the next episodes at clear your doubts and collaborate with our community.

Listen and enjoy!

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