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Photography are inextricably entangled

Photography are inextricably entangled

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The combination of ritual ritual repetition the magic of myths and time the stage performance which began at the beginning of the month at home to culminate in church and return home from a memory of my childhood became an element of my character and education. The surrealistic journey of the Magi was my first introduction to the concept of ceremony but also a practical transformation of myth into everyday experience. The absurd daily movement of the kneeling statue which not only didn't surprise me but seemed completely natural and necessary taught me to participate in life as if it were a fairy tale that I was shaping as it unfolded. A fairy tale that we follow with curiosity although we know its ending.

Just like every year I repeated the same magical moves e-commerce photo editing and every year I waited for the next one. Repetition had taken away the surprise and established the warmth. Time always flows more calmly when it is marked by familiar references. The fake tree did not owe its presence to ecological concerns probably unknown at the time but rather to the intuition or perhaps consciousness that the fake comes closest to the truth by alluding to it while the real can only allude to himself. Childhood ends when you don't want to be a child anymore. The trees then become real and the ornaments decoration. The Magi don't go to the Manger anymore. But we also need the lie and the myth. That is why we continue to search through art but also through life for the kneeling magician of our maturity.


Characterizes photography from the beginning of its birth until today is a constant search for identity. This search brings anxiety and insecurity to those who engage in it sparks confrontations and trench warfare but it offers her a constant renewal and vitality. The search for an identity is not so much a conscious process as an automatic and necessary one. Establishing an identity helps both in the production of photography and in its critique. All those involved in the labyrinth of its creation its use and utility and its critical approach. Identity sets the conditions for determining the criteria to be applied and the limits of criticism.

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