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4 scholarships abroad for those in the technology field

4 scholarships abroad for those in the technology field

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The University of Melbourne is one of the most famous — if not the most famous academic institution in all of Australia. The university, which is located in the capital of the state of Victoria, in South Australia, is well known for valuing scientific research and, precisely for this reason, investing a lot in this area.

Regarding the city where the Phone Number List institution's charming and tree-lined campus is located, you might want to know that it has been chosen several times as (“simply”, laughs) the best city to live in the world! Furthermore, the place is known for embracing diversity and, you can be sure, there will never be a shortage of things to do there!

As for Postgraduate Research Scholarships, they are available to students — of any nationality, who are part of the institution's postgraduate programs and have good academic performance, and this includes researchers in the area of ​​technology.

Benefits include fee remission of up to 100%, reaching up to 110 thousand dollars, and in total around 600 scholarships are awarded for the program.


To find out everything about registration and deadlines, you can access the university's official website by clicking It doesn't matter if you are in the technology field or any other field: international opportunities exist for all fields of activity!

If you want to learn how to prepare correctly to win the best exchange scholarships at the best institutions on the planet, there is the right place for it.

Escola M60 is the largest exchange preparation school and has vacancies open for another class. Here, you have access to an innovative methodology, with always updated content, and the support of several mentors to help you create the perfect application strategy for your profile and goals!

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